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R&D center of Cheer Fine Pharmaceutical LLC was founded in 2007, it is the core among the company departments, at present there are more than 30 people totally including senior and junior researchers. R&D is divided into five functional branches:basic research room(API & intermediate)、research promotion room、manufacture technology room、physical study room、quality controlling room. The main function of R&D is as follows:
1. The research of new product—the guarantee of the company’s sustainable development
2. The optimization and improvement of process technology-ensure the company to be in working order、to decrease the cost of production、to improve production efficiency.

R&D has advanced scientific research facilities which can complete all the works from laboratory to pilot scale(laboratory scale→2L→20L→200L).It’s well equipped by every kinds of normal and special instruments, including 500mL、1000mL、2000mL autoclave、low temperature reaction bath (-30℃)、HPLC (SHIMADZU)、GC(2014)、TOC、DTG、IR、UV、turbidi meter、whiteness meter、polari meter、laser particle size analyzer、stability test equipment、KF、potentiometric titrimeter and so on. These equipment can satisfy main reaction type of API&intermediate (including oxidation、hydrogenation、halogenation、acylation、esterification、condensation、cyclization、Grignard reaction、ammoniation and diazotization etc.)

R&D owns complete talent training system, can afford the sophisticated opportunity for researchers to study, make them taking part in the manufacture and can direct it by using the experience and date. What’s more,we have established stable and close cooperation relationship with state-level scientific research institutes, universities. In order to make our company to develop rapidly we send trainees abroad to study regularly.

R&D guiding ideology:service spirit. How can make myown work to be understanded and accepted by colleagues easily.

R&D working policy:
① Collective sense of honor. Only when company、department are fully developed.
individual can get more space to raise. Must keep "work is the most important" in our mind.
② Don’t be the drag of the team. Influence others by making myself to be an example. 
③ Hardworking spirit. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

R&D culture:
① Enterprise culture approval. Realized "we are the owners of the company".
② Personal ability is the powerful element and fundament to promote the team to become more stronger.
③ Studying without limits to Enhance individual competency.

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